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Akatsuka Factory
Akatsuka Factory

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  • Office

    This is the entrance of Akatsuka Factory.

  • Plant #1

    This is Akatsuka Factory's first plant and there are 7 machines. We have been using this as a main plant since we moved to Tokuda-nishi at 1990.

  • Plant #2

    There is our newest machine, Vertical Mate 85; grinder.

  • Product

    This is one of our products. We mainly process parts for machine tool sized φ150~φ550.


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    Akatsuka Factory Co., Lyt.

    1-44-2 Tokudanishi, Ginan-Cho, Hashima-Gun,
    Gifu 501-6017 JAPAN
    TEL +81 58 273 6185
    FAX +81 58 273 6381

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